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Habilitation procedure

According to Volume III of the University of Veterinary Medicine’s Rules of Organization and Operation, i.e., Doctoral and Habilitation Policy (DHP):

Applicants may request to start a habilitation procedure if they meet the following conditions:

  1. They have a doctoral degree and have been conducting high-level self-contained scientific activity since the attainment of their scientific degree, but at least for five years, and the results of their activity meet the requirements set by the Higher Education Employment System in terms of associate professors;
  2. They have worked as an instructor for at least eight semesters in a Hungarian or foreign higher education institution;
  3. in case of habilitation by scientific achievement, the applicant has been conducting regular and high-level publication activity which is evidenced by articles released in acclaimed international, peer-reviewed journals that are recognized as professional standard and by (Database-verified) references appearing in similar outlets; the applicant is also a regular participant of science events with lectures and presentations of the results;
  4. in case of habilitation by technical achievement, the applicant has been conducting high-level creative activity which is evidenced by implemented patents, blueprints as well as peer-reviewed journal articles and the references thereto. Applicants are regular participants of professional events by giving lectures and presenting their results; the positive professional feedback on their internationally outstanding practical achievements has already been published in print as well.

Applications for habilitation must be accompanied by a thesis-by-thesis summary of the results of the scientific and/or technical activity conducted since the attainment of the doctoral degree. The habilitation committee may also require applicants to submit a habilitation dissertation. The results of the selected works must be presented in a consolidated, self-contained format. New conclusions must be listed in the usual itemized format of scientific theses, allocating the selected scientific publications and/or products to the relevant thesis sections.

The habilitation procedure consists of the following parts:

  1. Academic examination to determine if the conditions indicated in Paragraph (4) of Section 1 are met,
  2. Evaluation of the habilitation theses,
  3. Habilitation presentation and its evaluation, in compliance with Paragraph 7 of Section 108 of the Hungarian Higher Education Act,
  4. Public debate and its evaluation.


Documents and forms used in the procedure
Application Form F50
Professional and Scientific Curriculum Vitae F51
Protocol of the habilitation presentations F52
Guide for the activity of the Expert Committee: evaluation and scenario D54
Evaluation form (aspects for evaluation) F55
Checklist of documents to be attached to application F56
Acceptance letter by the Doctoral Habilitation Council F57
Proposal for Expert Committee members F58
Presentation of publication activity F60
Announcement of lecture dates F62
Habilitation scenario
DHP-DIR Habilitation Policy


Application fee  HUF 10,000
Procedural fee  HUF 90,000
Nostrification procedure fee HUF 30,000
Degree ceremony costs HUF 25,000

Please submit your applications for habilitation procedures to the Doctoral and Habilitation Council and the Secretariat of the Doctoral School.

The certificate(s) of your qualifications are to be submitted in a translation attested by the OFFI Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd.