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Spring term 2020 has just started

The spring semester has just started on the 3rd of February and will end on 15th May, while examinations begin on the 18th of May till 26th June. Please find below a list of special occasions and bank holidays during the spring semester:


Bank holidays:

– 15th March (Sunday); National holiday

– 6th– 13th April; Spring-break

– 1st May (Friday); National holiday

– 1st June (Monday) Pentecost

Monday’s schedule is valid on Saturday, 18th April 2020


Special occasions:

– III. UNIVET Job fair: 13th February (Thursday) 10 AM

– Graduating ceremonies: 28th February and 26th June 2020, (Friday) 10 AM

– Student’s Concert: 1st April (Wednesday) 5 PM

– International day: 15th April (Wednesday)

– Equus-days: 15th–19th April 2020

– Farewell March of the 10th Semester: 15th May 2020 (Friday) 1 PM


For more information please contact the Students’ secretariat or click here.