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Filter Featured The autumn issue of UNIVET magazine has been published

The autumn issue of UNIVET magazine has been published

In the 15th issue of the Univet newspaper, the magazine of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, you can read about the ceremonial opening of the 234th academic year, which is the first year when the university is operated by a foundation. We report on important events in university life, the double inauguration ceremony, the handover of the chromatography laboratory, the 6th Vet Hiking Tour and the extraordinary anatomy class for first-year students, where Dr Péter Sótonyi rector gave a memorable presentation on live horses. We summarize the most important events of the first meeting of the new Senate elected in June, as well as the general staff meeting held in connection with the model change.

In the portrait section, Gusztáv Balázs spoke with Dr Gábor Náray-Szabó, president of the board of trustees for Marek József Foundation, which operates the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest from the 1st of August, a chemist and a second-generation member of the Academy of Sciences.

„I believe it’s an unprecedented intellectual challenge to help a properly funded community of dedicated and internationally acknowledged people to show what they can do if they are given significant freedom to make business management decisions.”

Dr Zoltán Somogyi’s career did not start easily. Now he is a PhD student, he won the Beginner Veterinarian of the Year Award two years ago, he is responsible for the veterinary care of a pig farm with 1100 sows as the attending vet, while also working in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the university.

„I admit I didn’t like studying as a kid. My mother used to say you can dream about becoming a vet, but if you really want to make it, you must study. She was right…”

The foreign student interviewed in our recent issue is Natalja Lewin, a German student with Russian roots who is starting her fifth year at the university. Natalja talks about the importance of mental health, the difficulties of life and about those situations when we should not afraid to be honest and speak up.

„I learned these lessons in a hard way. I know a lot of people who struggle at the university. Even the best and smartest people doubt themselves and feel helpless.”

Grab our newspaper from the usual places of the university or read the online version.