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Filter Featured The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest advanced also in the field of innovation

The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest advanced also in the field of innovation

The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest (UVMB) is the only veterinary training institution in Hungary, and nowadays it can already be stated that, in addition to domestic scientific life, it is also a significant player in international research and development. In the October 2023 report of the global ARWU university ranking (Academic Rankings of World Universities), UVMB was classified as one of the best higher education institutions by ranking it as 101-150th in the world in the veterinary science sub-ranking. The University of Veterinary Medicine closely cooperates with several other highly ranked institutions: they’re working together in several consortia in Horizon Europe research and development projects.


The mission of UVMB is to maintain and develop it’s internationally recognized standard of education and research, to meet the needs of society in the fields of veterinary medical services (patient care), food safety, epidemic prevention and animal welfare, and to provide directly usable, innovative results for veterinary and husbandry practice. An Innovation Office was established at the UVMB within the framework of the University Innovation Ecosystem project managed by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office. This Innovation Office takes care of the industrial property protection portfolio, and supports research, development, technology and innovation collaborations between the University and actors in the business sector.


During the 48 months of the University Innovation Ecosystem project UVMB reached several goals, such as

  1. the development of 11 researchers’ and 3 students’ innovative ideas took place with nearly HUF 110 million.
  2. the number of students involved in various innovation, startup, business development and intellectual property protection programs and competitions is 366 (the total number of students is less than 2,000), of which 17 students received a total of more than HUF 4.5 million in awards thanks to their innovative attitude and diligence.
  3. as a result of the research and development, 9 domestic and 4 international intellectual property rights protection applications were initiated.

Although the Ecosystem grant scheme doesn’t specify a maintenance obligation after the completion of the project, UVMB is nevertheless committed to continue to operate, develop and fine-tune the main results of the project, apply the introduced solutions, and exploit the experience gained. And of course UVMB is eager to participate in new research collaborations.

A working prototype of the Loop-mediated AMPlification (LAMP) device, developed by Petra ZENKE PhD, senior research fellow.