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ALUMNI Private: Alumni Ambassador Program Alumni Ambassador Activities

Alumni Ambassador Activities

Activities listed below are suggestions and possible ways of cooperation between You and UVMB. Obviously not all of them are to be fulfilled due to individual circumstances of the area you live in:


Alumni-related activities

  • be the local point of contact in your country
  • organise (formal and informal) alumni networking events in your country
  • engage in alumni networking
  • give personal interviews, share your success stories


UVMB Student related activities

  • work together with UVMB students (internships, part or full-time positions)
  • share career insights and advancement possibilities
  • become a mentor for talented students
  • be an Invited Speaker on UVMB International Events (Job Fairs, Career Days)


Recruitment activities

  • participate in recruitment activities (webinars, school fairs, on-line summer camp)
  • connect our recruitment staff with prospective students
  • network with families, schools and local companies
  • create a vision for prospective students and their families by sharing your own UVMB story
  • provide educational and cultural information for candidates (UVMB curriculum, educational topics, campus life, Hungarian culture, living in Budapest)
  • engage with UVMB social media channels by commenting, liking, and sharing UVMB posts