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Life before and after a clinical practice

He has Hungarian origins, he grew up in Saudi Arabia but a piece of his heart stayed in Budapest forever. He cured a crocodile and put screws in a camel’s mandible before giving up clinical practice. We interviewed Dr Mark Hedberg.

“Doc, you’re a woman, you can’t do this!”

In the first part of our interview, we introduced Dr Anna Schwahofer who makes decisions on thousands of animals’ lives day by day. In the second part, she talks about the daily routine of a vet working in livestock care; why she decided to find a job here instead of equine care and if there’s a pay gap between small and large animal practices. She also gives us an insight into some of her memorable cases.

Career Day – Plan Your Career Well Ahead

Plan Your Career Well Ahead Hundreds of students, thousands of futures – which one belongs to you? Now is the time to find out. Join us on 5 success stories where our International Alumni present five ways of finding profession after the University. On October 24th, 2018 our Career Day will take place at the

Maintaining a link between our alumni and UVMB is a key priority

The International Alumni Meeting was held for the first time for the students who graduated from the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest (UVMB). This meeting is aimed at establishing and enhancing an interactive, highly engaged and vibrant alumni community for former foreign students.