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COVID-19 Information Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Please consider, that the answers below are valid for the current position of UVMB, in this outstanding times everything can change!


Do we have to follow our usual timetable or use them with our own convenient times?

The entire e-learning platform is under development. In the beginning, we will only have static content we upload to NEPTUN which will stay there till the end of the exam period. You can view the content any time, however following the schedule is strongly advised. In the future, we will have interactive content where you will have to be present according to schedule.


How will the attendance be taken for obligatory subjects?

There is no policy yet about the class attendance, however, the files are uploaded to Neptune, where the system logs everything, when you log in, what you click on, what you view, etc. If you do not look at a lecture, that might mean you were not present.


I am emailing regarding the exam period for Spring 2020. With online classes starting, I am just wondering – is pushing back the exam period for this semester an option that Univet might consider if in-person assessments are not possible?

According to our present knowledge, we cannot postpone the exam period. We will have to do online exams. There is no decision about it so far.


Under the situation, I wonder if it is the best way to go back home now and what if I can’t come back to the school due to the ban even though the school opens again in May (as the school is scheduled to close by the end of April).

If something obstructs you to be back you will suffer no disadvantages. After your return, you have to count with a quarantine of two weeks before visiting the school again.


According to one of my friends, we can take distant examination. May I ask you if the distant exam is for the midterm or up to the final exam? Also, I would like to confirm if I can take such exam in Korea. if I can continue the study alone for such exam .. what about the subject required experiment and/or attendance to class, such as anatomy?

There is no decision on midterms or final exams yet. I know, however, that there is an emergency situation in effect now. I do not think that the usual regulations will apply. In a normal situation, we can expect that the student is here at the exam on time prepared. In this situation, the maximum we can expect is that the student does everything possible to be present on-line or IRL (in real life) at the exam, and the student is prepared.

In other words: If something obstructs you to be back you will suffer no disadvantages.


I am a student from one of the badly affected countries that have been prohibited from coming into Hungary by the government. Thus although the university will be closed for sure till at least April 30th, we are unable to go back home since we do not have the guarantee that the university will not reopen till the government nullify the prohibition of incoming.

If you cannot come back we will find a solution for you, for example by introducing distant examination.


I am currently travelling back to Canada and am worried that if online lectures are held at the usual time as classes are then I sill have to be awake at 2 am due to the 6 hour time difference. Is it not possible to simply post the lectures online without having it set at a certain time? Or what can I do in this situation?

We had a discussion with other universities. The policy is the same everywhere. The Hungarian time zone applies. When students travel home for any reasons they will have to be prepared for the time zone difficulties. There is no way to be flexible in this situation as far as we have students from almost all time zones.


How can inactive students sit their exams in March-April?

We are now working on establishing distant teaching, learning and examining system. We don’t have the final version of the examinations, most probably the departments will organise Skype sessions. Please for specific dates contact the departments later on.




When is the summer exam period going to start? What about the retake exams?

The regular exams of the current term and the retake exams of previous semester will start from 4th May and last till 30th June. We will tell you soon when the exam sign up start. Retakes will NOT start 2 weeks earlier, as some students had asked…


I am a student in 2nd year, do we have exams in autumn?

There is the autumn exam period, only in the subjects of the 4th semester (Topo Anat, Physiology 2, Biochemistry 2, Virology, Animal Breeding) between 31st August and 11th September 2020) that lasts for two weeks.

These exams are only for the second year + inactives after the 2nd year and only in these subjects, still prior to join to the third year in September 2020.


I am a 2nd-year student. How many exam chances do I have in the subjects of the 4th semester? When I am allowed to join to the 3rd year?

In the subjects of the 4th semester, students have 3 chances between 4th May – 30th June and 2 RETAKE chances between 31st August – 11th September.

If you pass all exams of year 1+2 then you are allowed to join to the third year in September 2020.


What is about practical exams?

When it is about exams that have practical part, the department can tell how that works online if at all.


What happens with the black books?

We will keep the black books updated for exams and exam grade registration by the help of the departments (they sign the grades to the black books.) You will not be able to collect them in person for the online exams obviously.