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Education Courses Anatomy III.

Anatomy III.

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List of practical topics.
List of theoretical topics.

Practical topics
  1. gl. parotis, ductus parotideus, ln. parotideus, n. facialis, n. auriculotemporalis
  2. n. auriculopalpebralis r. zygomaticus, n. zygomaticotemporalis, n. zygomaticofacialis, n. frontalis, gl. lacrimalis
  3. m. nasolabialis, n. infraorbitalis, n. buccalis, n. mentalis, v. facialis and its branches, gl. zygomatica
  4. m. digastricus, gl. mandibularis, gl. sublingualis and their ducts, lc. mandibulare, ln retropharyngeus medialis, v. linguofacialis, v. maxillaris
  5. n. hypoglossus, a. lingualis, n. lingualis, n. sublingualis, n. mylohyoideus, n. alveolaris mandibularis, mm. pterygoidei
  6. tongue, its musculature, nerves and blood supply
  7. a. carotis externa and its branches, vagus group, ggl. cervicale craniale
  8. soft palate, radix linguae, cavum pharyngis, aditus oesophagi
  9. mm. constrictores pharyngis medii et caudales, m. sternohyoideus, m. sternothyreoideus, m. hyothyreoideus, gl. thyreoidea
  10. larynx, nerves and blood supply
  11. m. sternocleidomastoideus, m. omotransversarius, arteria et lc. cervicale superficiale, n. accessorius, n. suprascapularis
  12. muscles of the thoracic girdle (except m. sternocleidomastoideus), nn. pectorales craniales, nn. pectorales caudales, n. thoracicus longus, n. thoracicus lateralis, n. thoracodorsalis
  13. the root of plexus brachialis and branches at this level, mm. scaleni, a. et lc. axillaris
  14. n. medianus, n. ulnaris, n. radialis, n. musculocutaneus, a. brachialis till the elbow joint
  15. carpal and digital extensors of the forelimb, its nerves; superficial venous system and its relationship to the deep system in the forelimb and to the v. jugularis externa
  16. carpal and digital flexors of the forelimb, their nerves, blood supply of the forearm
  17. medial muscles of the thigh, canalis femoralis and its features, lymphnodes and superficial veins of the hindlimb
  18. lumbar muscles, plexus lumbalis
  19. n. ischiadicus, n. gluteus cranialis, n. gluteus caudalis, dorsal, caudal and deep muscles of the buttock
  20. stifle joint, m. quadriceps femoris, m. popliteus
  21. tarsal flexors and digital extensors of the hindlimb, their nerves and vessels
  22. tarsal extensors and digital flexors of the hindlimb, their nerves and vessels
  23. arcus aortae, aorta thoracica, truncus sympathicus, n. vagus (thoracic portion), n. phrenicus.
  24. veins of the thoracic cavity, truncus sympathicus, n. vagus (thoracic portion), n. phrenicus
  25. heart
  26. lungs, pericardium, topography of the mediastinal organs
  27. abdominal wall and its nerves
  28. canalis inguinalis, a. profunda femoris, lnn. inguinales superficiales, n. genitofemoralis
  29. diaphragm, odd branches of the aorta abdominalis, ggl. coeliacum, ggl. mesentericum craniale, ggl. mesentericum caudale
  30. pelvic branches of the aorta abdominalis and the v. cava caudalis, parietal lymphnodes of the abdomen
  31. region analis, n. pudendus, a. pudenda interna
  32. penis and its musculature, scrotum, testis, funiculus spermaticus, their nerves and blood supply
  33. serous duplicatures of the abdominal and pelvic cavities
  34. liver, spleen, stomach and their suspension
  35. small and large intestines and their suspension
  36. ovaries, uterus and their suspension
  37. kidneys, canalis urinalis and their blood supply (prostate ductus deferens pars abdominalis et pars pelvina)
Theoretical topics

Topics of group „A”

  1. Bones of the base of neurocranium
  2. Bones of the lateral and dorsal side of the neurocranum
  3. Bones of the nasal cavity
  4. Components and classification of joints
  5. Manidble, temporomandibular joint, hyoid skeleton, muscles of mastication
  6. Cervical vertebrae, their junctions, muscles moving the head
  7. Thoracic vertebrae, ribs, sternum, their junctions, respiratory muscles
  8. Muscles of the thoracic and pelvic girdle
  9. Shoulder and elbow joints, and their muscles
  10. Carpus, its muscles, muscles of the radioulnar joint
  11. Fetlock joint and sesamiod ligaments
  12. Pastern and coffin joints and their muscles in the forelimb
  13. Bursae and tendon sheaths of the equine fore- and hindlimb
  14. Pelvis, sacroiliac joint
  15. Hip joint and its muscles
  16. Stifle joint and its muscles
  17. Hock joint and muscles acting on it
  18. Pastern and coffin joints and their muscles in the hindlimb
  19. Digital extensors and flexors of the forelimb
  20. Digital extensors and flexors of the hindlimb
  21. Lumbar vertebrae, abdominal musculature, inguinal canal
  22. General features of muscles, muscular rudimentary structures, cutaneous muscles
  23. The vertebral column as a whole, epaxial and hypaxial muscles, statics of the trunk
  24. Statics of the fore- and hindlimbs; types of gait, walk, stride
  25. Lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes of the head, neck, thorax and forelimb
  26. Abdominal, pelvic and hindlimb lymph nodes
  27. Hoof, horn
  28. Mammary gland, blood supply and innervation
  29. The skeleton and the digestive system of domestic birds
  30. The respiratory and the urogenital system of the domestic birds
  31. The cardiovascular and nervous system of the domestic birds

Topics of group „B”

  1. The heart from without, the left half of the heart
  2. The right half of the heart
  3. Pericardium, the own vessels of the heart, impulse generatig and conducting system, development of the heart
  4. Arcus aortae, aorta thoracica, v. cava cranialis
  5. Blood supply of the head
  6. Aorta abdominalis, v. cava caudalis
  7. A. coeliaca, a. mesenterica cranialis and caudalis
  8. V. portae, superficial venous system
  9. Blood vessels of the forelimb till the elbow joint
  10. Blood vessels of the forelimb distal from the elbow joint
  11. Blood vessels of the hindlimb till the stifle joint
  12. Blood vessels of the hindlimb distal from the stifle joint
  13. Pelvic arteries
  14. Fetal circulation
  15. Oral cavity and its features, salivary glands
  16. Tongue, blood supply and innervation, development
  17. Teeth, blood supply and innervation, development
  18. Pharynx, esophagus, blood supply and innervation
  19. The unilocular stomachThe stomach of ruminants, blood supply and innervation
  20. Liver, hepatic microcirculation, pancreas, blood supply and innervation
  21. Spleen, omenta, blood supply and innervation
  22. The hindgut of the horse and ruminants, blood supply and innervation
  23. The hindgut of the pig and carnivores, blood supply and innervation
  24. Nasal cavity, blood supply and innervation
  25. Paranasal sinuses
  26. Larynx, blood supply and innervation
  27. Trachea, lungs, blood supply and innervation
  28. Pleural cavity, mediastinum
  29. Peritonenum, serous duplicatures in the abdominal and pelvic cavities

Topics of group „C”

  1. Meninges of the brain and spinal cord, blood supply of the brain
  2. Medulla spinalis, the spinal segment, formation of the spinal nerve, blood supply
  3. Rhombencephalon
  4. Mesencephalon, diencephalon
  5. Telencephalon
  6. Organ of olfaction, rhinencephalon, limbic system
  7. Tracts of the central nervous system
  8. Fluid environment of the brain and spinal cord, circulation of the CSF
  9. Sympathetic system
  10. Parasympathetic system
  11. Nuclei of the cranial nerves
  12. Cranial nerve V.
  13. Cranial nerves VII., IX.
  14. Cranial nerve X.
  15. Motor cranial nerves
  16. The eyeball: tunics and its accessory organs
  17. Refractive media of the eye, optical accomodation and the visual pathways
  18. External ear, cavum tympani
  19. Internal ear, acoustic and vestibular pathways
  20. Plexus brachialis
  21. Plexus lumbalis
  22. Plexus sacralis
  23. Kidneys, pelvis renalis, blood supply and innervation
  24. Urinary tract, blood supply and innervation
  25. Scrotum, testis, epididymis, blood supply and innervation
  26. Ductus deferens, accessory male genital glands
  27. Penis, muscles of the male genital organs, prepuce, blood supply and innervation
  28. Ovaries, uterine tube, their suspension, blood supply and innervation
  29. Uterus, it’s suspension, blood supply and innervation
  30. Vagina, female urethra, blood supply and innervation