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Education Courses Edible wild plants in Europe

Edible wild plants in Europe

optional C
Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
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veterinary (English)
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  • Vet EN

Course description

Plants are an essential and valuable resource, which provide us with food, fibre, medicine and all other basic requirements. The aim of the seminar sessions is to provide students with a brief summary of the main edible wild plant species. The most popular edible wild plants and their poisonous look-alike doubles are presented with detailed plant drawings with all relevant characteristics. We will not only discuss in Hungary native plant species, but also those from all over Europe.


Responsibleteacher (e-mail): Dr. Házi Judit ([Click to see email])



Thomas S. Elias, Peter A. Dykeman: Edible wild plants, Sterling Publishing Co. 1990. New York

John Kallas: Edible wild plants: wild foods from dirt to plate, Gibbs Schmidt Publishing Co.1952. Layton

Lectures theme

1. Introduction, cultivated plants and wild species.

What and how can we collect in the nature?

2. Possible uses of the plants I: tee, spice, jam
3. Possible uses of the plants II: as a salad, soup, fresh fruit, vinegar, coffee substitute, sweet plants and artifical sweeteners
4. Plant species and parts of plants, seeds, fruits and their uses in autumn and winter
5. Plant species and plant parts, and their use in spring
6. Plant species and parts of plants, and their use in summer.
7. Plant systematic summary


Evaluation description

Grading scheme:

  • excellent: 86%
  • good: 76%
  • satisfactory: 66%
  • passing: 51%

Exam information

Writing exam.


Update: 2023.08.30.