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Education Courses Equine Medicine and Surgery 2

Equine Medicine and Surgery 2

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Course description

The course will assist students in acquiring sufficient up-to-date knowledge of the most common and important internal and surgical diseases of horses. This will be done via the use of didactic lectures and small group practical sessions. The breadth of information in equine medicine and surgery is vast, therefore students are also expected to do additional self-directed reading around the topics presented. The course also stimulates students to apply the knowledge learned, to problem-solving situations that will likely be encountered during practical classes, one-week clinical practicals, 11th semester rotations and later in equine practice. During the current semester, medical and surgical diseases of the equine locomotory, respiratory, alimentary and urinary systems will be discussed. Students will be presented with various equine diseases/medical concepts and are expected to have a good knowledge of the associated aetiology, pathogenesis and/or pathophysiology, clinical signs, epidemiology (where applicable), methods of diagnosis, treatment options, prevention/control and prognosis. Students should be able to formulate a list of differential diagnoses for each disease presented. Students will be expected to know the indications, forms, routes and potential adverse reactions for selected drugs commonly used in the therapy of equine diseases.

Lectures theme

The schedule of lectures will be sent to the class representative, and it can be also found at the university website ( The documents are password protected, logging in requires your Neptun code and the assigned password. The schedule contains the topic, venue, and time of the lectures. Attending the lectures is obligatory, which will be checked. Students missing more lectures than allowed by the Code of Studies and Examinations, cannot have their black book signed for the semester. In case of online teaching, lectures will be held at the scheduled time and streamed via Microsoft Teams. Lecture notes will be available for download from Moodle.

Practical lessons theme

Practicals will be held at the Department and Clinic of Equine Medicine, Üllő Dóra major. The schedule will be sent to the class representative, and it can be found at the university website via the above link. The dates and starting times of the practicals can be found in a separate table. This will be sent to the class representative as well and can also be found at multiple places at the equine clinic. Attendance is obligatory. Students may miss one practical. Signature of the black book at the end of the semester will be denied if students miss more than one practical except in cases of obligatory clinical shifts. Practicals cannot be repeated or made up. Students must study for the practicals, lecture notes can greatly facilitate this. A lab coat, a thermometer and a stethoscope are obligatory for the practicals. Students should attend practicals only in their own group. Practical sessions cannot be attended in street wear

Evaluation description

During the semester, two midterm examinations will be held. Date and time of the first one is Wednesday, 13th October 2021 at 7:00 AM. If one fails the exam, there will be an opportunity to retake it one week later, on 20th October 2021 at 7:00 AM. The second midterm exam is scheduled for Wednesday, 8th December 2021 at 7.00. The retake for this exam is one week later, on Wednesday, 15th December 2021 at 7:00 AM. In case of a second fail of any midterm exam, an oral examination will take place at the equine clinic. If one fails the oral exam as well, the signature at the end of the semester will be denied. The evaluation of the written examinations is the following:

≤50%: insufficient (1); 51-65%: sufficient (2); 66-75%: satisfactory (3); 76-85%: good (4); >85%: excellent (5).

Exam information

The practical grade is the average of two midterm exam results.