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Education Students’ secretariat TDK – Student’s Research Circle

TDK – Student’s Research Circle

To announce your TDK topic, you need to use the following form (you need to fill it ut, have it signed by your student secretary then send to the department / supervisor where you write your thesis to have it signed):

TDK announcement form ENG (since 2022 May)


19/09/2022: Call for the TDK conference 2022:


Sept/2020: 2020 TDK Announcement


You can find the relevant information under the following link:


Here you can find information on a great opportunity which is called Students’ Research Circle where students can deepen their knowledge on certain veterinary-related topics in addition to their diploma work.

Kindly note, that successful completion of the TDK results in an excellent grade in the thesis defence at the final /state/ exam.

Within the frame of this event students have the chance to share their professional work with the chair of professors and students during a 15-minute-long presentation.

You can find the requirements, programs, galleries etc. of the coming and past conferences under this link.


Application: TDK_application form