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Main research topics of the Division of Biochemistry:

Research Group of Metabolic Biochemistry

The research group conducts wide range of studies related to the physiological and pathological metabolism and its endocrine regulation in domestic animals. Epigenetic and metabolic effects of nutritional factors and feed additives on various tissues are of our special interest, with special emphasis on histone acetylation and the intracellular signaling pathways of insulin and glucagon. The detoxifying action of hepatic and intestinal drug-metabolizing cytochrome P450 enzymes and their alterations are intensively studied in our research projects, comparing the enzyme activities of several domestic and wild animal species.

Another important pillar of our research is the study of the metabolism of honey bees (Apis mellifera). Our main area of research is to investigate the effects of different exogenous environmental factors (e.g. heat stress) and exposure to pesticides on redox homeostasis in different organs, with a focus on the brain and flight muscle. Our work also addresses the effects and future potential applications of protective feed supplements (e.g. curcumin, quercetin) in honey bees.

Research group leader:

  • Dr. Máté Mackei, PhD


  • Dr. Gábor Mátis, PhD; Dr. Zsuzsanna Neogrády, CSc; Dr. Csilla Papp-Sebők, Júlia Vörösházi, Dr. Patrik Tráj, Dr. Rege Márton

Research Group of In vitro Hepatology

The research group works mainly in establishing and developing primary hepatic cell culture models from various species (chicken, swine, rat). Beside hepatocyte mono-cultures, co-cultures composed of parenchymal and non-parenchymal liver cells (such as Kupffer cells) and further, partly in cooperation with other working groups, enterohepatic co-cultures are also prepared by our research team. In vitro investigations carried out on the established cell culture models are mostly related to the hepatic inflammatory response and the molecular alterations triggered by heat stress and mycotoxins, with special emphasis on the pro-inflammatory cytokine production and oxidative stress.

Research group leader:

  • Dr. Gábor Mátis, PhD


  • Dr. Máté Mackei, PhD; Dr. Zsuzsanna Neogrády, CSc; Dr. Csilla Papp-Sebők, Júlia Vörösházi, Dr. Patrik Tráj, Dr. Rege Márton