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Education For prospective students Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact the [Click to see email] email address.


How can I apply?           

The application period starts in January. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applicants need to collect the documents listed in the application requirements. All documents need to be uploaded to the website either by the applicant’s local representative or by the applicants themselves.

What are the requirements?     

Students who are in the last year of high school or have already obtained their high school leaving certificate can apply.

There is no special requirement regarding high school studies students either take an entrance exam in Biology, Chemistry and English, or – if they have an appropriate educational background (university studies in a related field) -, they can get an exemption from taking the exam.

When can I apply?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis between 1 January and 30 June each year. In case of available places, applications are also accepted until the end of August.

What is the tuition fee?              

The tuition fee for one year (2 semesters) is 12 480 EUR.

Where do I need to send my documents?

You need to upload all your application documents to

Do you have a postgraduate program? How do I apply to it?

You can apply in the same way as an undergraduate student. We do not have a separate Masters program, you can apply as a transfer student. This means that you can be admitted to a higher year, based on your academic background in each case it is the decision of the Admission Board of the University.

What do I need to prepare for admission?         

You will need to collect the documents that are listed under application requirements. You can scan them and upload everything to

What kind of medical report is expected for the “Short Medical Report”, please clarify.   

The medical report is a certificate in English from your doctor (GP) stating that you are physically and mentally fit for university studies. You can find a sample which you can use here.

I cannot send a High school leaving certificate as I graduate this year only. What shall I do?       

No problem, you can upload your high school leaving certificate after you get it. Please note, that until you submit your final high school leaving certificate, you will only get a conditional acceptance. If you have predicted grades, you are welcome to upload them with your application file.

How much is the application fee?          

200 EUR



Where can I take the entrance exam?

Entrance exams are online this year. The exact dates are listed on our website.

Applicants get an answer about their acceptance either on the spot or latest two weeks after the exam. After acceptance students have two weeks to pay the deposit (800 EUR) to reserve their place.

What is the entrance exam like?

The entrance exam has two parts: a written exam and an oral interview. The written exam is 20 points Biology, 20 points Chemistry and 30 points English. The oral interview mainly focuses on the students’ motivation and personality, but questions in Biology and Chemistry are also possible during the interview. At the end of the exam, the overall picture (application documents, written exam, oral interview) will decide whether the student is accepted or not.

Do you have a topic list for the exam? 

Yes, the topic list is available here.

When are the entrance exams?              

The entrance exams are held between March and the end of July usually. In the case of available places, late applications are also possible.

Is it possible to take the entrance exam online?             

Yes, online exams are organized biweekly starting from March.

Do you have any sample tests?

Yes. Sample tests are available here.

Do you have an entrance exam in my country?

In the current year the University holds only online exams.

Is it more beneficial to take tests earlier because of the number of vacancies left?        

We do fill up the places on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

How many times can I try the entrance exam in one year?

In case if you fail, you can sit for the examination for the same academic year once again.

How much is the exam fee?      

250 EUR

How can I apply to the entrance exam?              

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until 30 June each year. In case of vacancies, further applications are also welcome until the end of August. Students can apply to take the entrance exam either through their local representative or emailing us at [Click to see email]



What is the tuition fee?              

The tuition fee for one year (2 semesters) is 12 480 EUR.

What is the cost of living in Budapest?

Accommodation is approx. 200-500 EUR/month, food is 150-300EUR/month, cultural programs, sport activity, party is 30-150 EUR/month. You can find more information on the prices here.



Do you provide accommodation?          

The University does not have dormitory places for international students. Students usually live in the city in rented apartments either alone or with a roommate.

It is relatively easy and cheap to find accommodation in Budapest, 300-500 €/month.

For further information click HERE.



Do you offer scholarships?

There is a Hungarian state scholarship that is available for students from over 40 countries. More details and the list of countries are available at the website. The University itself does not offer scholarships.