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Education Students’ secretariat News from the Student’s Secretariat

News from the Student’s Secretariat

17/05/2022: Intensive summer school VET 2022

05/05/2022: Firewall clarification rules 5th May 2022

04/05/2022: Timing of the Academic Year 2022_23

07/04/2022: Facebook group for freshmen 2022 (English)



31/01/2022: draft: Elective courses spring 2021_22 ENG_GER

31/01/2022: First year 2nd semester timetable

27/01/2022: Timetable English program 2021_22_spring term _27_Jan_2022

26/01/2022: what courses to sign up_spring term_2021_22? – a Neptun-guide on core subject registration


11/02/2022: information on registration ie. Spring-term timing 2022

How to arrange payments in Neptun spring 2022

19/01/2022: Updated guide for registraion and taking courses in spring term


General information in our study guide for the academic year 2021/2022: Students Guide 2021

September 2021: COVID measurements September 2021

24/09/2021: updated Timetable ENGLISH fall 2021_22 (4th year)

14/09/2021: Practicals 2021 fall Ullo (clinical days)

13/09/2021: DATA SHEET For Extramural Food Hygiene Training – Semester 11

08/09/2021: updated elective course list under:  Electives fall 2021

07/09/2021: Freshmen presentation 2021 ENG from the registration day

30/08/2021: for each classes: a Neptun-guide on what courses to register for in Neptun i.e What courses to sign up_fall term

30/08/2021: Bus to Üllő, Large animal clinic: Bus schedule fall 2021

24/08/2021: Timetable ENGLISH fall 2021_22 – (as of on 24th August 2021)


03/08/2021: How to arrange payments in Neptun (NOT for Freshmen, they pay to GIS, but for all years above year 1)


19/04/2021: Timing of the Academic Year 2021_22 updated (updated on 03/09/2021)


24/03/2021: Facebook group for freshmen 2021 (English)



04/02/2021: Clinical days 2020_21_spring

01/02/2021: bus timetable to Üllő, large animal clinic, valid from 8th February 2021 Bus-February-2021

01/02/2021: 4th year clinical day in Üllő, Large animal clinic 2021_tavasz_spring_Ullo


28/01/2021: list of optional courses:  Elective courses spring 2020_21


11/01/2021: Info for the Graduation class on the official steps to have your diploma apostiled:

after graduation to-do list info Jan 2021


17/09/2020 Bus schedule for the fall-term of 2020_21 to Üllő, Large animal clinic

Weekend timetable for Üllő


10/09/2020 Students Guide 2020_21


10/09/2020: 2020 TDK Announcement


04/09/2020:  Elective course list fall 2020_21_updated


01/09/2020: Freshmen documents list and information

First Steps of Our Freshmen


31/08/2020: Covid-info (from 1st September 2020) on students’ entry: an information letter + guide for Police entry request form

Info-letter : updated information from 1 September 2020

Police Form Manual-Very Final version VET



25/08/2020: Boat Trip – Invitation 2020 We invite our new students for a Budapest-sightseeing boat trip on the River Danube. Information can be found in the file! Registration required.


24/08/2020: Timetable ENGLISH fall 2020_21_2020.08.24


19/08/2020 Neptun enrollment and registration guide (Sept.2020) for Freshmen 2020

19/08/2020 Neptun payment info Sept 2020 for students above 1st year


05/08/2020 Timing of the Academic year 2020/2021

Timing of the Academic Year 2020_21 updated 5th August


05/05/2020: Facebook group for Freshmen 2020/21 (English program):


11/03/2020: Study and exam regulations UNIVET_TVSZ_ENG

Elective courses spring 2019_20 student info



04/09/2019: Freshmen presentation 2019 ENG


14/08/2019 – Boat Trip – Invitation for Freshmen 2019 We invite you for a 2-hour Budapest sightseeing on River Danube to get acquainted with your future classmates as well (English and German programs)

12/08/2019 –  Recommended book list for the first and second year subjects

09/07/2019 – Payment information from second year (Freshmen pay to Global International Studies)

18/09/2019 – Neptun payment-guide-2019Sept



The Students’ secretariat has moved from Building H to Building P, first floor (above the Anatomy dissection room).

Office hours:

Mon: 9.00 – 13.00

Wed: 9.00 – 13.00

Thurs: 9.00 – 11.00 and 13.00 – 15.00



How to reach the Uni webpage:

Login name: Neptun code

Password: the same password that you use for the Uni mailing system (if you have never used it, the default password is “Bd” + your date of birth in YYYYMMDD format.

E.g. Bd19950628


(11th April 2019)

2 new Facebook groups for the English program- and German Freshers 2019




Opening hours of Nádaskay room – spring-term 2019


Click here to start Neptun: new link from Jan. 2019


Exam period transport, Üllő, Equine clinic