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Education Students’ secretariat News from the Student’s Secretariat

News from the Student’s Secretariat

03/02/2023: Job Fair February 9: Job Fair Event

Little introduction:

Starting from 10:00 at Tolnay Hall:

  • First Day Skills Surgery- Dr Marie-Kristin Panagiotopoulosv veterinarian at AniCura , Recklinghausen and a surgeon
    • How to cut, What to cut and How to close it
  • First Day Skills Diagnostic Imaging- Dr. Erik Diez veterinarian, imaging diagnostic specialist at AniCura
    • X-Ray and Ultrasound – Don’t be afraid of your future Besties

Application brochure 2023: VET bulletin English

03/02/2023: Elective courses spring 2022_23 ENG_GER

18/01/2023: What courses to sign up_spring term_2022_23 – a guide on the subject registration for spring 2022/23

07/01/2023: Spring term registration timing

14/12/2023: How-to-arrange-payment-in-Neptun_2022_23_spring_term

23/11/2022: Some photoes on the Students free-time activities, programmes organised by the Students Secretariat:

Student programmes for the fall 2022


27/10/2022: Exam sign up in Neptun for the winter exam period (and also for retakes from 1st December) is possible from 19th November 2022, 11.00 AM (Saturday) – if the exam is common with the Hungarian students then from 9.00


20/10/2023: How to check your elective credits and term averages.docx

11/09/2022: Timetable-English-program-winter-term-2022_23-1 (updated)

06/09/2022: Orientation day Freshmen-presentation-2022-ENG

05/09/2022: online streaming of the opening ceremony:

02/09/2022: Students Guide 2022_23 (exam regulation, information on the English and German programs)

02/09/2022: Elective course list for the fall-term 2022/23: electives fall 2022

25/08/2022: Anatomy dissection instruments for students (EN)

23/08/2022: Neptun guide to sign up for core subjects i.e. What-courses-to-sign-up_fall-term 2022_23

08/08/2022: Workshops for inactive students

in short: Workshops for inactive students to overcome the challenges of not attending classes regularly for an extended period of time, but wish to re-enter studies after successful completion of incomplete exams.


29/30/2022: Description of medical examination for UNIVET students 29th June 2022

from June 2022 the Hungariamed company could accept the veterinary students for some medical examination and prescribe medicine.

Prior to the visit, you will need to ask a Hungarian enrollment certificate from your student secretary, without his document they will not examine you nor prescribe medicine!

See the information in the link above!



17/05/2022: Intensive summer school VET 2022

05/05/2022: Firewall clarification rules 5th May 2022

04/05/2022: Timing of the Academic Year 2022_23

07/04/2022: Facebook group for freshmen 2022 (English)