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Education Student Support & Counseling Services

Student Support & Counseling Services

Welcome to UNIVET On-campus Student Support & Counseling Services

Student counseling services. Since 2014 the university offers confidential on-campus student support for all Univet students for free of charge. As an independent student service provider, Human-Service is committed to offering on-campus student support. In addition to providing confidential individual (1:1) and group counseling,  our website offers access to useful resources in many areas of life, as we know life could become difficult in medical school at times for international students.

Student mental health counselor: Mr. Levente Somogyi
NEW Location: in room #301 in building H (3rd. floor)

Office hours: on Mondays between 7:00 am – 12:00 pm (open office hour: 7:00 am – 8:00 am) and on Wednesdays between 9:00 am – 13:00 pm.
Tel: +36-30-386-9898
Service sub-website:

You can set appointments online for 1:1 meeting if you visit our appointment booking system. You can visit the counseling office with any minor issue during the open office hour without having an appointment as well.  In addition to providing confidential individual and group counseling, the service website: offers access to useful resources in many specific areas of student life.

Support group services. Our office offers support groups for international students in various issues (for example: growing up with adverse conditions, addiction, abuse, and other challenges – see service website for more information at UNIVET support groups.

Peer-mentoring program for incoming (first year or transfer) students.  Recognizing the challenges of living abroad, we designed a unique peer-mentoring system for first-year students (freshers) titled SAM-buddy peer-mentoring. It aims to assist new students on the 1:1 basis for the period of 8 weeks in the fall semester. Please, learn more about the program by visiting: UNIVET peer-mentoring.

Learning techniques and study method (1 credit) elective course. Medical school tends to demand a lot from students, however, most students arrive with one or two study techniques that may not be suitable to deal with the extremely high volume of materials need to be learned at a rapid pace. The elective course aims to offer insight into other studying methods, ways to save time and energy. Look for course description in the NEPTUN system for more details.

 Study-buddy and study-group finder services. In medical school studying collectively to prepare for classes or an exam have a great added value. UNIVET now offers a supplementary experimental, new tool for its students to find study-partners. Visit the website and click on study-buddy & study-group finder to sign up. Once there is a positive match to your search parameters, you will receive a notification and the contact info of the given group/partner you can join.